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:: Set up warehouse, not!

I spoke to Jim Betz re setting up our space at the warehouse. He just got back from vacation in Nevada.

All of our material has already been moved. River Bend Hose Specialty (RBHS) hired someone to move everything including our stuff to the new space. Except for a few pallets of computers, our stock is buried under other pallets and hard to reach. The shelving and pallet racks are also inaccessible. So, there is no reason to work at the warehouse until RBHS starts unpacking their stuff. In a few weeks I suspect.

:: Donations

John has arranged to pick up 10 or so monitors from TCU. Another company is donating around 15 systems (Pentium 2 and 3) and monitors. The latter may show up at the lab Tuesday.

:: Lab goals

Same as the past few weeks -- build 8 FreeBoxes so Jackie can schedule a class. We also want to catalog and resolve all the problems we are encountering.

I am bringing Norton Ghost so we can set up a Windows box and experiment with cloning VL 4.3 hard drives. Albert said he has a student discount version of Win XP we can use to set up the Windows machine. However, we may not need a Windows box. Norton Ghost 2003 has a utility which makes a bootable PC-DOS diskette and copies ghost.exe to the disk. I have used a bootable Ghost diskette to clone W2K drives at work. We'll see how it goes with Vector Linux.

:: New volunteers

Two new volunteers may show up. First is Dan Davis, the I.T. guy at Ziker Cleaners. Dan is starved for geek fellowship. He hit the mother lode at FGM! Second is Lisa Davis (no relation) who learned about Linux in Chicago and has been looking for someone to help her install Linux and guide her learning. She is interested in taking the FreeBox class and assisting the instructors. She may also volunteer at lab.


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