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I researched the Vector Linux forums re automounting floppy media. There was very little. So I wrote a howto "Automount floppy disks" based on my work around. The howto has been up two days and has received a dozen hits. There must be at least a small need for the info. Maybe someone will respond with a better way.


At 10:29 PM 5/26/05 -0400, you wrote:
In fact there is a group called floppy. Strangely, it also doesn't have
write access to the floppy drive :-{.  It looks like there is some other
config file(s) for the autofs daemon.  I don't think it pays attention to
/etc/fstab except to note that it uses autofs.

Automount mini-Howto

HowTo Setup Linux AutoFS

I'll look at it further tomorrow.

On other notes the spreadsheet program, ABS, overlaps the edges of a 800x600
screen.  You cannot get to the close window icon or the file menu.  I found
that changing the window managers menu entries to "ABS -geometry 640x480"
to correct the problem (you can still maximize it if you wish but, now it
won't overlap the screen edges).  There may be a better way; it seems like
the program should be able to get the screen size from the window manager,
maybe ABS just doesn't.

I hopefully will be working on finding problems with 4.3 a bit over the
holiday.  Since I have been playing with my 4.3 install for a couple of
weeks, I blew away my 4.3 install and attempted a fresh install just to have
a baseline.  Suffice to say that I haven't been having the best of luck: 3
bad cdrom drives in a row and when I finally started to put in a known good
drive I pulled the ide cable connector apart.  Not my best nights work.  I
think maybe I should try again tomorrow.


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> I had a thought on this coming from audio problems I've had on Debian... > > See if the floppy drives have a "group" of users allowed to access the > floppy drive. The answer might be as simple as adding 'guest' to a > 'floppy' group. You might have to create a 'floppy' group and 'chown > root:floppy /dev/fd0' and then add guest to the floppy group. Be worth a > try. > > Goose > > > Tom Brown wrote: > > > :: Floppy automount > > > > The 2.4.x kernel is configured with autofs support. In some way, VL > > 4.3 is using autofs to automatically mount cdrom and floppy removable > > media. However, when logged in as the "guest" user, the kernel fails > > to automount the floppy disk yet it always automounts cdroms. When > > logged in as root, the kernel always mounts floppy disks. > > > > This behavior is annoying. Users would have to learn to mount and > > unmount floppies to take work saved on diskette to and from school or > > the office. We are unlikely to teach how to su to root, mount and > > unmount media at the FreeBox classes. I developed a work around which > > is not perfect, but buys us time. > > > > Mike and I are researching the automount problem. Mike is also > > compiling a list of problems he and others have found with VL 4.3. > > Once we have identified and corrected or worked around the problems, > > we will post a report to Vector Linux developers and to our own web site. > > -- > > Richard "Goose" Zimmerman > Safety Assistant / IT Guru > K&B Transport, Inc. - Elkhart, IN > (574) 389-1986 (574) 389-8527 Fax > (800) 548-2718 (574) 850-5764 Cell > > > > To post to the list send email to <frgeek-michiana@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > You may unsubscribe or change your list settings by going to the list website at <http://www.freelists.org/webpage/frgeek-michiana> > >

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