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I've installed Morphix on 2 400mhz machines.  It definitely likes to have 96mb 
or 128mb.  It will run on 64 though, but kinda slow.
I haven't gotten the sound to work yet.  But I still need to try it with an ISA 
Creative card or a PCI card.

It comes with a filemanager, Abiword, Gaim, Gimp, Firefox, and Thunderbird 

You can also create custom live/install cd's using their tools.

I installed several games and wine using the synaptic installer.

The install process gives you the option to use a graphic partitioner or a 
command line.

So far it has found all the nics that I have used.  I haven't tried any modems 

More to follow.


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Since I'm a Debian guru I can take a look at these. I'm getting a lot of 
questions about MEPIS from a local PC users group. I will need a FGM 
Spec II machine though... My daughters is only a spec I box and the 
other FGM box I have is a 1g machine, not realistic for testing these.

Is there a class tomorrow on the 7th? I'd like to sit in and look at the 
new class stuff they are doing so I know how to config the LTSP server. 
I finally have all that straightened out on the home lab.


Tom Brown wrote:

> Take a look at them if you have time. Install them on a FreeBox2 spec 
> machine and report findings to FreeGeek Michiana 
> <frgeek-michiana@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
> Tom
> At 01:03 PM 5/5/05 -0500, you wrote:
>> I read this on a board:
>> MTHedded
>> Mar 21 2005, 03:07 PM
>> In my computer recycling group, we've been trying practically every 
>> distro out there to see what works best. The machines donated to the 
>> group range from the naturally old, slow systems with little or no 
>> horsepower to them, to some that are fairly decent newer PC's.
>> We've found some that work pretty well, three in particular, that 
>> we're pretty well stuck on now. All 3 are Debian based. BeatriX for 
>> our oldest machines, Ubuntu for the midlle-of-the-road PCs, and Mepis 
>> for the higher-end stuff. We've even discovered that there are a lot 
>> of winmodems that work great under this system.
>> Has anyone else tried these 3 distros, especially MEPIS? What kind of 
>> luck are you having? And finally, does anyone have a more complete 
>> list of winmodems that they know will work under MEPIS? The list on 
>> the Mepis website and in their forums is less than helpful, as we've 
>> only found 4 winmodems in their lists, but know of quite a few that 
>> actually work fine and just aren't documented.
>> We're even considering purchasing large lots of two or three 
>> different winmodems to put into the systems we reuse/refurbish, so 
>> that we have a standard base to work from. So far, we're all pretty 
>> impressed by both Mepis and BeatriX, how easy it is to install (one 
>> new volunteer with very little experience managed to PROPERLY install 
>> BOTH the new SimplyMepis and BeatriX WITHOUT ANY HELP!!!) Our jaws 
>> were just dropping!
>> And nearly everything is usable, even by n00bz , without little or no 
>> learning curve. Is anyone else having this sort of luck with these 
>> distros?
>> I tried the Beatrix but it has a bug in the install procedure, and I 
>> stopped with that one for now.
>> The I read about morphix (morphix.org).Ã That one has a lightgui with 
>> xfce that looks good.Ã IÃââll get back to you when I see how it 
>> handles sound cards.
>> Rick
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