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  • Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 09:28:02 -0500

Take a look at them if you have time. Install them on a FreeBox2 spec machine and report findings to FreeGeek Michiana <frgeek-michiana@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.


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I read this on a board:


Mar 21 2005, 03:07 PM

In my computer recycling group, we've been trying practically every distro out there to see what works best. The machines donated to the group range from the naturally old, slow systems with little or no horsepower to them, to some that are fairly decent newer PC's.

We've found some that work pretty well, three in particular, that we're pretty well stuck on now. All 3 are Debian based. BeatriX for our oldest machines, Ubuntu for the midlle-of-the-road PCs, and Mepis for the higher-end stuff. We've even discovered that there are a lot of winmodems that work great under this system.

Has anyone else tried these 3 distros, especially MEPIS? What kind of luck are you having? And finally, does anyone have a more complete list of winmodems that they know will work under MEPIS? The list on the Mepis website and in their forums is less than helpful, as we've only found 4 winmodems in their lists, but know of quite a few that actually work fine and just aren't documented.

We're even considering purchasing large lots of two or three different winmodems to put into the systems we reuse/refurbish, so that we have a standard base to work from. So far, we're all pretty impressed by both Mepis and BeatriX, how easy it is to install (one new volunteer with very little experience managed to PROPERLY install BOTH the new SimplyMepis and BeatriX WITHOUT ANY HELP!!!) Our jaws were just dropping!

And nearly everything is usable, even by n00bz , without little or no learning curve. Is anyone else having this sort of luck with these distros?

I tried the Beatrix but it has a bug in the install procedure, and I stopped with that one for now.

The I read about morphix (morphix.org). That one has a lightgui with xfce that looks good. Iâ??ll get back to you when I see how it handles sound cards.


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