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Well I have a better suggestion for the extra Gaylord of keyboards, sell it
to Imre and me. As far as the extra monitors go, you should get a count of
how many there are.




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This doesn't surprise me as I was thinking of when in high school, every now
and then the JROTC unit at Riley would go volunteer at the food bank and
help out. The way it worked was we just started going through the donations
they received and sorting it. So I can see how their liability insurance is

Well the inventory has a place to go, but what worries me is securing it. If
FBNI has to worry about unauthorized access to stock, then should we not
also worry about unauthorized access to our items? This raises a question
about how we are going to secure our items, if a detailed inventory should
be taken. It also raises the question of much further we need to reduce our
stock, I took a count of all gaylords and pallets, both used and empty, we
currently have a total of 95, most of which are now monitors. However, not
all of the pallets (including the ones that have gaylords on them) are the
same size, so one pallet could take up X amount of space and take Y amount
of space. We have 4 pallets of bad monitors for Goodwill pickup. I suggest
that since we have two gaylords of PS/2 keyboards, we keep one and the other
we cut the wire for recycling purposes. 

One way to secure the pallets/gaylords is to inventory, label, plastic wrap
them, (in the case of gaylords putting plastic wrap over the top) and
marking it somehow. That way if we do need to access something, we can
unsecure, take what is needed, and resecure the gaylord. 

Since the shutdown of the Free Box program seems likely to happen, instead
of waiting until our inventory is moved, I recommend that we stop loading
Free Boxes now and continue eliminating excess stock. If there is another
class scheduled, then we load enough systems for that class and then that's
it, until (if and when that is) we do find another space to use as our

If the freight elevator can only be operated by FBNI employees, would there
be stairs to this second floor area? I don't mind if we have so shift our
hours to coincide with those of  FBNI, but it is a matter of when other
volunteers can. I'll begin asking the volunteers next warehouse night as to
if they could make it to the warehouse with hours that do coincide with
FBNI. So what hours is FBNI open and where are they located?  

Phil Goldbach

"Men cry not for themselves, but for their comrades."

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I talked face to face with Lisa Jaworski, the FBNI director, and I have good
news and bad news.

The FBNI will let us store our inventory in their upstairs warehouse as I
reported earlier. However, we cannot be in the warehouse after hours. The
facility closes at 4:30 PM M-F. FBNI is open for 4-5 hours two Saturday
mornings per month. Lisa said she reviewed the warehouse set up with the WH
manager, Eric Curry, and there is no way they can secure their food storage
from our area. FBNI's liability insurance is void if unauthorized people can
access the food stock. Second, only FBNI employees can operate the freight
elevator to the second floor. Unless we can manage to work during normal
business hours, the FreeBox program will shut down if we move our inventory
to FBNI.

Lisa offered to publish a notice that we need new warehouse space in the
United Way newsletter or email list. The list/newsletter has about 200
subscribers. I'll send her an email with a one paragraph description of our
mission and a list of requirements for a new warehouse.

In sum, the FBNI space is more or less temporary (we didn't discuss the
actual time limit), and we will shut down the FreeBox program once we move
our inventory to FBNI. We will reopen the FreeBox program once we find a
suitable warehouse or switch to daytime operation only.


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