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The black slot is probably single channel and the blue ones dual. 

You should us eithe 1 black or 2 blue or all 3. But not 1 black and 1 blue. 
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Ok, learning virtualization was suppose to happen tonight...
Unfortunately, Saturday about noon time the 2000+ Athlon developed a
serious memory problem. I have not been able to chase down the problem
just yet but either I have a flaky memory DDR memory stick *OR* I've got
a bad memory controller.

Does anyone HAVE a stand-alone memory tester *OR* know anyone who does?

I'm running memtest86+ and so far on this pass BOTH sticks are testing
good *BUT* both sticks individually failed at around the 4 mb mark.
(Thus my suspicion with the memory controller).

The latest development... There are THREE memory slots on the
motherboard. ONE is black, the other TWO are Blue in color. As the
system was given to me, and as I have used it, the Black slot and the
furthest Blue slot from the cpu were populated with the DDR-266 ram boards.

I did all previous testing using the Black slot.

The present test that is running as I type have BOTH ram boards in the
BLUE slots. (Presently 40 minutes, ZERO problems with memory) verse
previous test less then 10 minutes and BOTH sticks failing using the
Black slot!

Ok, slap my hand for not verifying a system given to me, but WHY would
using the two BLUE Slots work when all previous testing failed using the
Black slot???

I'm still in a data recover mode. I got lucky. It trashed the Windows
2000 installation BUT left the NTFS file system alone. I was able to
mount the NTFS partitions with DSL-N (as in NOT DSL) and copy the file
systems onto the Dell Poweredge's RAID Drives. Many thanks to DSL for
saving MANY pic's of my daughter! I had not had a chance to burn backup

Any change that JUST the Black slot went bad?

On the electrical issue in the GooseLab. Quick history, I was losing a
LOT of sleep with a near constant sound of electrical arcing noises at
times. It was starting to get quite unnerving. I had a conversation with
the next door neighbor that I thought the noise might have been coming
from his trailer. Talked to the neighbor yesterday and inquired about
the issue. His reply was quite scary. To quote him, his dryer was
'Completely Toast'.

*** Lastly ***

I found my lost pendrive! Seems it wanted to take an extended vacation under 
the couch...


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