[freelists-users] Re: rejecting pending subscribers

  • From: "Christy" <snowz@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: freelists-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 15:57:15 -0400

Afternoon John

Its not in the wrapping it appears to be in the
command itself.   I even tried using the email client
I have to use for Modpost  to prevent wrapping  in
every case the error is to the effect of:

delsub xxxxx Peter-Gornall@xxxxxxxx 
unknown command

then it gives me the known commands list.  

I don't know if I should be using  delsub ?  or
rejsub ?  or something else ?   

I just sent the same command/email again now (using
delsub) to get the exact error and have not yet
received the error back... Maybe it finally went
through properly ? however I did nothing different
this time as I did previously.  I would have thought
if it did there would be a confirmation of sorts
stating that the subscription had been
removed/deleted etc



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On 5/26/02 at 2:10 PM John Madden wrote:

>> # Subscription request received from
>> Peter-Gornall@xxxxxxxx
>> # for the address Peter-Gornall@xxxxxxxx and list
>> xxxxx
>> #
>> # To approve this, reply to this to
>> ecartis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:
>> // job
>> appsub xxxxx Peter-Gornall@xxxxxxxx \
>> 3CF0B44D:F7.1:ivehfvasb
>> // eoj
>> obviously to accept a simple reply does the job.
>> But to reject the pending subscriber  delsub  nor
>> rejsub or any other obvious appears to work.   I
>> tried replyto/fwd and composing a new message as
>> as using the other email client that doesn't have
>> modpost wrap problem just incase
>The above email that you copied in doesn't seem
right - the wrapping is
>off.  The stuff between the // job and // eoj do
seem ok though, so the 
>command should go through.  What is the error that
you receive?
>- FreeLists Staff

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