[freelists-users] Re: listar and no welcome message

  • From: Glauco Siliprandi <glauco@xxxxxx>
  • To: freelists-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 18:51:33 +0100

My list is vbsdb (about our shareware product).

When a (potential) customer downloads the product, he/she is added to our 
mailing list (he/she is widely alerted on our site about it, so that he/she 
can decide if to download the software nevertheless).

When the new user adds the email address:
- we send him/her the software
- we add the address to the support mailing list (by means of a mail from 
support@vbsdb to listar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with subject 'subscribe vbsdb 

Everything works fine, but the new subscriber receives both the 
subscription notification and the welcome message.
A too large amount of Emails (considering that users receive our software 
too and that a lot of warning and confirmation messages for mailing list 
subscription are already provided on our site).

So I've checked the admin-silent-subscribe option.
Furthermore, support@xxxxxxxxx is an admin for my list.

But subscribers still receive subscription notification and welcome message.

It seems that listar doesn't check for the sender being an admin (may it be 
the admin-silent-subscribe option doesn't work for subscriptions by mail?)

If this is the case, is there the chance to avoid subscription notification 
(and welcome message) other than using the admin-silent-subscribe option?

Thanks in advance.

VBSdb, the VBScript open source object
for fast database driven web development

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