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Interesting.....I just this morning got an email from someone who is
pretty ticked off at me....since I followed John's request and set my
group to unsubscribe people after one hard bounce, this guy got bounced
and was REALLY mad....so, I've set his account to "protected" and
assured him he wouldn't get bounced again....and he is NOT on
yahoo....he's on something called "mochamail"

So, John...is it really necessary for me to be this strict?  One hard
bounce and they are history?  I'm afraid this is really going to hurt my
subscribership....can I at least put it up to 3?

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You are probably still getting bounces back from before they were
removed. A funny thing about this whole situation, I don't have any
problems with Yahoo mail, but have lots of trouble with msn.com and
hotmail. Much worse. I constantly get hard bounces from MSN saying
"Failed". Never any reason given. I unsubscribe the folks and then they
get mad, even tho they are getting just half of the list distribution.
Repeated e-mail to msn for the reason for the failures goes unanswered.
Hot mail has a very low mailbox size. They fill up quickly.


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