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  • Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 23:55:20 -0000

On 12 Mar 2002 at 8:14, John Madden wrote:
> Well, here's the thing about Listar/Ecartis...  In short, we might not be 
> using it for long.  
> If anyone's got any ideas or feelings on the matter, we're open to them.  
> That includes suggestions on other Free Software mailing list managers.  

Our list is a serial refugee. Over the years, we have
tried: FindMail, OneList, eGroups, and two MajorDomo
servers. We have also evaluated most of the free MLMs,
also Mailman.

None of the free MLM's were satisfactory, and eGroups
probably harmed us. We used Majordomo for 18 months,
in both cases our hosts stopped the service and took
down Majordomo because of the trouble it was causing
them. On the whole, it worked reasonably well for us,
but it has none of the advanced features of Ecartis.
Bounce management is non-existent -- everything that
bounces, bounces back to the moderator.

We looked quite carefully at MailMan. Apparently, it
is good from the host's point of view -- robust,
secure, scaleable -- but is not so good for users and
moderators. Our impression was that it would be OK
for announcement lists, unmoderated discussion lists
where message formatting is not an issue, or short-
term email conferences.

Compared to everything else we have seen or used,
Freelists ... as it is now ... is outstanding. For
the first time, our list runs on autopilot with very
little intervention from me. We even suspended
moderation, something I thought would never happen.

It would be a shame if Ecartis has to be abandoned.
It's been a great success so far.

The Learning Stone Crew

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