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  • Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 22:59:47 -0000

On 18 Mar 2002 at 10:21, Mark Brandt wrote:
>       I downloaded this program and tried it this morning and it didn't work.
> Does the same thing as Netscape mail. The post comes thru on the list
> with all the headers and a bunch of other garbage.  Is there some sort
> of special configuration so modpost will work?

Pegasus Mail should do it for you straight out of the box.

The first few lines should look something like this (apart from
the vertical bar on the left.

|       This message was received for a list you are a moderator on, and
|       was marked for moderation due to the following reason:
|       Post by a user set MODPOST.
|       To approve this message and have it go out on the list, forward this to
|       OURLIST-repost@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
|       If you wish to decline the post, change the 'apppost' below to 
|       If you wish to edit the post, change it to 'modpost' and edit the 
|       as needed - not all mail programs will work with modpost.
|       DO NOT DELETE THE FOLLOWING LINE.  Ecartis needs it.
|       // apppost 3C927080:6C86.1:fgbar
|       From HIDDEN_USER@xxxxxxxx  Fri Mar 15 17:06:55 2002
|       Return-Path: <HIDDEN_USER@xxxxxxxx>
|       Delivered-To: OURLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Before forwarding, insert a right angle bracket before the
first "From", ie: so that the first header looks like this

>From HIDDEN_USER@xxxxxxxx  Fri Mar 15 17:06:55 2002

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