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I tried to turn on this morning.
But the effect of "humanize" is to dump cryptic
data on the list :((
I have turned it off (= use the default values)

The real question, I think, is to explain to your users
they must use "plain/text" option, instead of "quoted-printable"
in their email client configuration. Not easy.
This problem is candidate to a FAQ entry :)

Regards, Natxo

> > > I turned that on a while ago, nothing changed.
> > You'll probably need to turn off humanize-mime then.
> Well, I just figured out that it was turned off. So I turned it on
> now. I'll tell you about the effect, when something is posted on the
> list.
> Cheers, Pablo
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> http://www.tftt.de - Alternative melancholic Rock
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