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  • From: "George Bell" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 14:59:36 +0100


Further to Joe Sullivan's message, I hope the following information may =
prove useful.

At least one other member's messages are also arriving with equals (=3D) =
signs. (David Rosenfeld)  If my interpretation of his Message Header =
information is correct, he is using Novel Groupwise.

I am using Outlook 2000(SR1), via Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server.  My =
messages are being sent as Plain Text from Outlook.

My suspicion is that it is the soft returns inserted by Outlook and =
others which is being seen and miss-interpreted.  As Joe says, if you =
are using speech output to listen to messages, it sure gets annoying!

For my part, I am on a number of Yahoogroups lists as well as others, =
and also own four which are run using Listserv software.  The equals =
sign problem does not appear in any of those.

George Bell
Techno-Vision Systems Ltd=20

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Subject: Equals signs in posted messages

Although I've run lists in other places for years, I'm new to freelists =
Ecartis. The lists I've set up here seem to be running fine apart from =
little problem with one particular user, and that is that equals signs =
up at the ends of many (not all) lines in his messages; there's also the =

odd "=3D20" taking the place of what I suppose was originally a space. =
seen this kind of effect when someone sends with "quoted printables" =
on, so I have found and turned on the "humanize-quotedprintable" option =
the list, but that doesn't seem to make any difference.

There's a sample excerpt from one of his messages below.

Although it's a small bit of visual noise to most of us, many users of =
list are blind, and their screen readers actually say "equals," which =
it a considerable nuisance for them.

This does not happen to messages that this user sends through lists=20
elsewhere, nor to those he sends directly to us.  On the other hand, it=20
doesn't happen to any other users' messages through this same list, so=20
perhaps it's an unusual setting in his email client (he uses Outlook), =
some list setting I've missed, or a combination.

Any pointers appreciated.

Joe Sullivan

--- excerpt from recent message

O.K.  Here's how to check if Word 2000's "Heading 1" Style is causing a =
Page Break before it.

In Word 2000, bring up the Format menu, and click on Style.  There's a =
List Box there called "Styles".  Move down and highlight "Heading 1".

If you cannot find it, Tab to the box called "List:", and from there =3D
select "All Styles".  Tab back to the previous box, and you should now =
find the Heading 1 Style.

Now find the "Modify" button, and click on it.

In the next window called "Modify Style" find the "Modify" button, and =
click on that. =3D20

In the list that comes up click on Paragraph.

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