[freedict] Re: revisionDesc/change

  • From: Piotr Bański <bansp@xxxxx>
  • To: freedict@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2017 23:45:23 +0100

I re-read this and realised that I could have given a more informative reply: people responsible (in any way) for the dictionary in question should be listed in the respStmt, with xml:id. The @who is indeed a reference pointing inside the respStmt.



3. How should I encode the person doing the change? The example shows|who="#some_user". |This seems to reference a user declaration somewhere else. Do we have an example how that "somewhere else" should look? Or should I use <name> tags instead, like we do in at least some of our dictionaries?|

I think it would be good to hid the Howto, or at least tag it as mostly historical and definitely not normative. Please have a look at e.g. swh-eng, it should have a proper header.

Thanks again for your attention to detail,


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