[freedict] Re: GNU Packaging Standard, or: do we actually need these files?

  • From: Piotr Bański <bansp@xxxxx>
  • To: freedict@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2017 12:53:14 +0100

Hi Sebastian,

These files often contain useful information, often required by the licensing terms (Authors). The Changelogs are mostly redundant wrt the header, but only from the time that I did the maintenance. It might happen that they contain more information than the respective headers.

All in all, I have nothing against getting rid of files that are not required by the licenses, as long as the information contained in all those files is not lost.



On 25/11/17 12:40, Sebastian Humenda wrote:

Hi FreeDictians

in a discussion with Karl, we figured that the files `AUTHORS` `ChangeLog`and
`NEWS` are not very useful for us. Indeed, there is no good reason to stick to
the GNU Packaging guidelines for our dictionaries. May I therefore suggest that
we remove these files gradually? I would keep `INSTALL`, but rename it to
`INSTALL.md` (and update it). I would also like to keep the README(.extension),
because this might contain useful information about the dictionary.

What do people think?
As usual, if you do not express your opinion, I'll just do it :-).


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