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Well, I would also like to know what are the quickest drying inks.  I write 
alot in chart notes in the hospital and there is nothing worse than a "smear"  
on the official medical record.

Deb Kinney <KINNEY@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      Hi Chuck - 
  I need to find thicker inks - ones that flow slower.  Longer drying inks 
won't help - since my friend is left handed.
  Regards - 

>>> cpwcpa@xxxxxx 5/4/2006 10:59:03 AM >>>

  I don't know if the term viscous precisely applies, but the more highly 
saturated Private Reserve colors take longer to dry than waffle syrup.  That 
makes them viscous in my book.  Also vicious.
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      Hi All - 
  I need to recommend to someone to use a thicker ink.  With all the new inks 
out there - I am not sure what to suggest.
  Any thoughts?
  Thanks - 

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