Re: of probable interest: 2,000,000 Florida residents support campaign to refuse their MDs' illegible prescriptions

  • From: "Kate Gladstone" <handwritingrepair@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 11:29:25 -0400

Work on handwriting (including some in Canada) and a cold or two
thereafter have kept me off the listserv till just now, but I hope to
post more this week.
      (Coincidentally, on my flight into Canada I did meet Paul erano
and Steve Parsons flying the other way: into Washington, DC - and we
had quite a talk!)

In the meantime - Eric, since you can't send your kid over from Italy,
can you afford a phone call from Italy to me? I want to talk to you
(phone calls permit more interactivity/flexibility than e-mail) before
"prescribing" long-distance for the circumstances your son presents.
If at all possible, let me know when you might call - and have your
son on the line, if you can (I speak some Italian.)
       Though I'd consider this a consultation and (given the several
factors at work here) would have to charge *something,* for you as a
fellow pen-person I can provide 30 minutes free (save for the cost to
you of placing your call) and then (should the call last longer)
charge only what you say you can afford (payable to me via PayPal).

Please also specify which kind of handwriting you'd want him to learn:

/1/ the "lovely European cursive" they teach him in Italy,

/2/ a mid-twentieth-century USA cursive ("the charts that used to hang
over the blackboard" in mid-thwnetieth-century USA schools came, 99%
of the time, from the Zaner-Bloser company which has since changed its
printing and cursive models - noticeably, but rather unhelpfully: I
find the new Z-B only a marginal improvement, at best, over the old


/3/ what I usually teach (Italic cursive: which, in my experience,
holds up better at speed & in lengthy writing - particularly for those
of us with unconventional pen-holds - than the other styles.
Admittedly, my judgment comes in part from seeing quite a lot of
students come to me after having "defected" from typical USA cursives
such as Z-B old or new).

To see and acquire models of various handwriting-styles (including old
Z-B, new Z-B, an Italic model, and about 20 others including two
versions of Palmer Method), visit which may
have something you and your son find suitable. If you find anything
useful there, do let me know what you picked!

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