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I am finally going to deaccession some of the pens I don't use or have used but don't particularly care for.

Prices include insured shipping in CONUS. I will be happy to ship internationally, but will have to charge my actual cost. Pics available on request, but it might take a day or two to get them, as I'll have to take pictures and upload them. First firm email takes it. I take Paypal, checks, cash, etc.

Thanks for looking, and best regards,

1. Cross Verve Selenium, 18k fine nib. Used twice. Great pen in the blue finish. Wet writer (nib made, as I understand it, by Namiki). Comes complete with box and papers; I think I still have the carts they provided as well. List is $175; I'm asking $130. (My parents got me the platinum version for my birthday, and not having the collecting gene I don't need two different colors of the same pen.)

2. Vintage Platinum "Rose" pen. Long/short pen (short body, long cap; when posted, the cap lengthens the pen to a "normal" length for writing). I got this from Russ Stutler a year or so ago and never inked it, and I realize I never will. It's a gorgeous white body with a delicate rose design and an elegant gold-colored (I assume it's plated) clip. Asking $50.

3. Pilot Murex Sr. (long model, black inset in clip). This was a mint stickered pen that I inked recently (no one took me up on an offer to trade for a user-grade similar pen). I love my original and black-stripe Murexes (Muricis?), but this doesn't do it for me. Great writer, integral fine nib, the sticker is still on it albeit slightly faded, though of course it's not mint any more. Asking $120.

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