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I can't say that I have used one but those that I know that own them
either love them or hate them.  I never heard of a person say it's ok.
I guess its one of those kind of pens.  Flex is nice but I like more of
a bounce rather than a flex nib.  Probably because my handwriting is
horrible and I need a lesson on how to properly use a nice flexible nib.
I gave a friend of mine an old waterman lever filler with a super flex
nib and it was a great writer, 14kt gold nib.  The pen was in good
condition, not great and not bad but it was a solid writing pen.  My
friend wanted a pen that was very flexible, he couldn't find one nor
afford one.  So as a Christmas gift I gave it to him.  He wrote me back
a letter and I couldn't believe how nice the flex looked on paper.

I have not chatted with him for some time but I know it went to a good
home, I hope he still uses it!!  I bought it for a steal on ebay so no
biggie, and it went to a good friend and he was very greatful.


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I have some steel that I really like but I try to stick with gold.  A
good flexible gold is my favorite.
Has anyone used the Namiki Falcon?  Love the nib!

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