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Hello Everyone,

It was some months ago, at a pen fair at Fountain Pen Hospital, that I
first tried out a DuPont pen. Now, I am a bit of a newbie  - I have a
small assortment of Parker 51s, Pelikans and a Mont Blanc or two - but
this DuPont, with a medium nib, even in the company of  Omas',
Peliakns and what have you at the pen fair, stood out and was IMHO in
a class by itself. Butter smooth, with a perfect ink flow.

Well, I purchased my first Dupont, a black Fidelio with silver (or is
it Platinum?) trim, medium nib, not too long ago and it certainly
lives up to expectations.  It is the smoothest writing pen I have used
and, of course, leaves me wanting more! Unlike some other marques, I
have been unable to learn very much about older Duponts from on line
sources. I'd like to learn more about these pens, particularly the
older models, and would very much appreciate hearing  - on or off list
- from DuPont enthusiasts. Long-term users' comments are particularly
welcomed.  I am curious as to why this marque does not  have the
following of a Montblanc or Pleikan.

Looking at Stylophiles on line it seems that counterfeit Duponts are
not uncommon. Has any list member examined  a counterfeit example and,
if so, can they add  to the Stylophiles article? I just want to make
sure I don't get caught out by a counterfeit pen when buying on line.


P.S:- I trust the list owners will not mind the cross posting to both lists.
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