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It does indeed, John, although our numbers have dwindled and very few people respond to the posts, although they tell me they read them. I think your email address changed so your post was redirect to me as the mail list moderator. I have resubscribed you to the list so future posts will go out directly to the list.

Any way. Its good to hear from you. How's the ticker? I do hope everything is alright and things are improving health wise. Back to work yet? How's the family? My girls are getting big. Sonya is almost 3 already. Erika is 16 months, but not talking yet. She understands everything we say, and will respond to a request like "get your blanket," or "do you want to go to bed?" (to which she will often nod and walk off to the bedroom and stand beside the crib), yet she still speaks in baby gibberish. Sonya was already speaking in multi-word sentences by this age. Go figure. I am, of course, very busy with my position in Langley at the Fine Arts school. I get to see Dena quite often as she is part time here on Fridays and often subs the other days. I haven't heard from Chad, who supposedly teaches at Poppy, but who does not return emails or phone calls. Report cards are coming up quickly and I have a ton of marking, so I will sign off. Please give us a full update.

David Sandquist

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