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  • From: "David Sandquist" <davidsandquist@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 19:58:15 -0800

Hi Joi, good to hear from you too. How's Stan? Have you dragged him up to Kamloops yet? Great news Tania, congratulations. Give Jen our regards.


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Subject: [fpateachers] Re: John Trottier
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 12:19:48 -0800

HI all,
It's good to hear about you - good news for David, John and Sarah...what about the rest - keep on truckin', as I am doing here in Kamloops. The winter has been mild, the students are keen and I'm really enjoying the music courses I'm teaching this term..and, it's almost spring! hope all is well all 'round. It's nice to hear that you keep in touch, and once again, thanks to David for keeping us all connected.
be well,
At 02:24 PM 2003-02-21 -0800, David Sandquist wrote:

Hello again John,

I have decided to post my reply to your last email to the mail list so we might get a response to your question from those that are still connected.
I am certainly interested in a reunion and getting to see everyone again, although we may have difficulty reaching people who have dropped off the list.

On Wednesday February 19th, John wrote:


I was thinking this spring about hosting a reunion party of our module? Do
you think there would be any interest?

I am doing much better now. The ticker has a little ticker and the smaller
seems to be doing the trick. It's still pretty odd and surreal but that's
life I guess.

I am now the senior drama teacher at Enver Creek Secondary in Surrey.
Really a nice place. I am still under term contract but all looks good that
I will be picked up again.

So there it is people, please let John know if his idea of a reunion appeals to you.

Anyway, John, its been good to hear about your position at Enver Creek, I know how you feel about being "term." The teacher I am replacing has left the District, even bought a new house in New Westminster where she teaches now, but she can apply to extend her leave another year. It is not so bad though, as I feel that I have a better chance of securing the position again next year if it goes "term" again, having been in the position for a year.
But if it were to go "continuing" next September, I would have stiffer competition, and I would not have as much seniority to compete for it. If I get the term position again next year, my senority in the District will really go up. It is a fantastic school and, although Grade 7 is a little out of my comfort zone, being a secondary specialist, the experience here at LFAS has been outstanding and I hope I can come back again next year.

Well I had better go, good hearing from you again John, and you too Sarah!
I envy you and your 9 student classes! Going from my biggest class last year of 19 to 30 grade 7 students has been a challenge unlike any I have yet experienced. But that is the topic of another letter. Take care.

David Sandquist.

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..play with your muses often!

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