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  • From: "David Sandquist" <davidsandquist@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fpateachers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 14:24:05 -0800

Hello again John,

I have decided to post my reply to your last email to the mail list so we might get a response to your question from those that are still connected. I am certainly interested in a reunion and getting to see everyone again, although we may have difficulty reaching people who have dropped off the list.

On Wednesday February 19th, John wrote:


I was thinking this spring about hosting a reunion party of our module?  Do
you think there would be any interest?

I am doing much better now.  The ticker has a little ticker and the smaller
seems to be doing the trick.  It's still pretty odd and surreal but that's
life I guess.

I am now the senior drama teacher at Enver Creek Secondary in Surrey.
Really a nice place.  I am still under term contract but all looks good that
I will be picked up again.

So there it is people, please let John know if his idea of a reunion appeals to you.

Anyway, John, its been good to hear about your position at Enver Creek, I know how you feel about being "term." The teacher I am replacing has left the District, even bought a new house in New Westminster where she teaches now, but she can apply to extend her leave another year. It is not so bad though, as I feel that I have a better chance of securing the position again next year if it goes "term" again, having been in the position for a year. But if it were to go "continuing" next September, I would have stiffer competition, and I would not have as much seniority to compete for it. If I get the term position again next year, my senority in the District will really go up. It is a fantastic school and, although Grade 7 is a little out of my comfort zone, being a secondary specialist, the experience here at LFAS has been outstanding and I hope I can come back again next year.

Well I had better go, good hearing from you again John, and you too Sarah! I envy you and your 9 student classes! Going from my biggest class last year of 19 to 30 grade 7 students has been a challenge unlike any I have yet experienced. But that is the topic of another letter. Take care.

David Sandquist.

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