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Alex's instructions will get you the time all the time (!) but I found a
quirk that allows me to read the real time and date as OM abjects.

If you have a Triconex Tricon that is connected to the I/A system (via a
DNBT), its ECB block has several objects that contain the date and time.
Let's say the Tricon letterbug is 01TX01, then the following
self-explanatory objects are what we're interested in:

01TX01_ECB:TRICON_ECB.DAY      (1-31)
01TX01_ECB:TRICON_ECB.YEAR     (in 4 digits)
01TX01_ECB:TRICON_ECB.HOUR     (1-23)

ECB85 is where I found this information. Pretty neat, huh?


Duc M. Do
Dow Corning Corp.
Carrollton Plant
Carrollton, KY, US

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I suggest building a CALC block that outputs the current hour, minute, and
second on three ROxx outputs.

The update of the outputs would be tied to the change of a Boolean input.
When it goes into alarm, put out the time. When it comes out of alarm, put
out zeros on the output.

The TIM instruction will give you seconds since midnight. A few calc block
steps will give you the hour, minutes, and seconds.

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HI all,
I need some help with developing an application as follows:
on an overlay, display the timestamp of time when the CIN went ON.

possible approach:
in CAD, I can filter on the name of the block, and get one line.
if I can get this result in a command line, then I can awk on the relevant
field, in order to insert in the overlay text.

how can I get the result of a match from CAD, from command prompt, into a

Doron Sani
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