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I supposed that, but in my application I have a percent control range of 5.0 
and when I pick the ramp the variable goes 0.5 from the last value. If the DM 
assumed this percentage (5.0) of the 0-100 span, I think that the variable 
would move 5.0 not 0.5 from the last value because is the 5 percent of 100. Am 
I right?



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Re: [foxboro] Ramp Question

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The Rxy parameters are OM objects that contain 3 floating point values.
Rxy[0] - High scale   - HSCxy
Rxy[1] - Low scale    - LSCxy
Rxy[2] - Change Delta - DELTxy
The DM/FV is smart enough to set the big (double arrow) and small =
arrow) ramp buttons to a percentage of the span IF the Rxy parameter is
specified on the tag name, e.g.,=20
Might be used for a PIDA block setpoint ramp.
If the Rxy parameter is not specified, 0-100 is assumed and the RAMP =
will use a percentage of that span.
Does this help?
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