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That certainly is impressive performance. Were there any Foxboro
workstations serving up displays as well, or was InTouch the only HMI?
Also, were you polling all 5300 tags every scan?  I ask this because WW tag
servers/InTouch can be set to only update active tags.  This would have
limited load to historian tags and the tags used to any given moment to
service active displays on InTouch nodes.  

I may be wrong, but I don't see a typically configured Foxboro system with
its own displays and historians to service being able to handle that type of
throughput reliably.


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>Client System
>OM Version
>Solaris, AW51D
>IA 6.2
>5300 points @ 1.0 sec on each of 2 AWs, each feeding a PC
>   drives primary ops interface in Wonderware Intouch
>   for a power plant
>reliable operation since installation, 11/2009.
>options not applicable
>OPC server and client coexist on each Wonderware Tagserver PC
>single default delta systemwide, single scan rate systemwide
>   delta is 0.001, yes, engineering units
>   scan is 1.0 sec
>redundancy (or fault tolerance) achieved because we have 2 AW/PC pairs
>   and Wonderware InTouch sorts out which is alive/failed and client
>   WW HMIs switch between tagservers.  Switchover is automatic.
>A single problem was found during implementation (which Matricon would
>not correct) in that if the Client writes a value back to the Foxboro
>system before initialization of OM lists is complete, the interface fails
>and both ends of the link must be restarted (system reboots required).  We
>avoid occurance by use of fancy apps programming in the Wonderware client
>so no write can be issued before it's time.
>This setup replaces a Wonderlink arrangement which had existed before.
>Though Foxboro documents said the the product was supported, the customer
>says that as a practical matter, there was no support available (nobody at
>TAC knew the product).
>Further, the NT systems which had been carrying the Wonderlink and
>functions were becoming unreliable and replacements we hard to find.
>Hence, new, XP PCs and the OPC link were implemented. This is a temporary
>measure (2 or 3 years) as they plan complete system replacement as money
>The 5300 tags ; for each AIN, we read the PNT, Block and Alarm status
>and Alarm Limits.  That means for 1 AIN we read 5 'tags'  Similar 'tag'
>exist for controllers, AOUTs and so forth. The Foxboro system handles only
>the Analog controls of the plant.  There are myriad Allen-Bradley PLCs for
>discrete functions which also connect to the WW Tagservers, though not thru
>the OPC interface.
>We have done other Matricon OPC I/Fs, both on Solaris and Windows (none yet
>on MESH), but I have no details.  We have also done a couple of Foxboro
>but only to support reporting.
>William C Ricker
>FeedForward, Inc.

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