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Hi Barry,

What is the nodebus load like?  Have you tried snooping the node and loading 
the output into wireshark?


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Hi there,

I have a site that has a few CP40B's all Fault tolerant ...

One of the CP's has been counting up MAC Resets in large numbers .. some days 
up to 30 a day ...

None of the CP's in the same nest or other nests are exhibiting this behaviour.

There are no system messages, no PIO erros .. nothing obvious.

The CP has been Inited and reloaded, CP hardware swapped out, Z-connector 
changed, nest slots changed ... and the real kicker - we decided to run it 
single and the MAC Reset counter is still incrementing.

Maybe I am missing something .. but I didn't think MAC Resets occurred unless 
you had a Fault Tolerant pair trying to remarry .. (maybe it's to do with the 
CP being configured as FT?).

Anyway, any ides on what we can check to chase down the MAC Resets?


Barry Heap

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