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> Hi List,
> Is there any way or any tool to take snapshots of live HMI screens?

> Regards,
> - Rakesh

Have you tried the standard Windows methods?
Alt-PrtScn to get a screen print of the active window.
PrtScn alone to get a screen print of the entire display.  (In Win7 this
only gives me the background picture--curious.)

The picture will be in the paste buffer, so that you can paste it into
any open document--for example MS Word, MS Excel, or LibreOffice Writer.

On my keyboard in the USA the PrtScn ("Print Screen") button is to the
right of the function buttons at the top--F11 and F12.  It is clustered
with two other buttons that are left over from the IBM days--ScrLk
("Screen Lock") and Pause/Break.  Other keyboard layouts may be
different.  These keys are rarely used anymore.

Chuck Jones
Tate & Lyle
Automation Technologist

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