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Mike Jaudon asked (I sum up here) 

What is the incentive to change? 

I think it is supposed to be a better, easier to use set of tools that are more 
consistent and windows like. They invision being able to use one control 
configurator for any of the Invensys family of products with modules that 
connect to the ArchestrA framework.  I did look at the "concept" icc and it had 
some nice features.  I don't think that any of the old stuff is going to quit 
working. I just don't think there will be too much of a development effort 
placed on the Unix systems.  They are going to upgrade the base OS on the Unix 
boxes to Solaris 8 in a mid 2002 release.  That should make the Unix platform 
supportable for a long time.  They are also planning to release a new FoxView 
FoxDraw package for NT(XP) and Unix mid 2002.  This new stuff is still a 
loooong way off, so no need to get too stressed.  But they are making it clear 
that this is the path that they wish to take.

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