Re: [foxboro] FDSI driver AB CSP or FDSI Driver Ethernet/IP

  • From: Kevin Fitzgerrell <fitzgerrell@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 09:49:02 +0900

SKRITCHHHH - that's the sound of the FDSI dev team taking you off their
Christmas list!
Completely agree.  The AB FDSI drivers (4 of them now?) are terrible at
actually giving us the functionality that we had in the AB30s.  Foxboro does
a pretty good job migrating from other systems, but migrating from their own
AB30s is apparently too challenging or not taken seriously enough.
* Documentation is incomplete, and not easily available on some drivers.
Document numbers change, and appear to be maintained differently between the
device group and the rest of Foxboro (DI documents versus B0700 documents)
* AB30 migration manual is not available on TAC site.  It is distributed
with the EthernetIP driver, although apparently not with the others?
* Driver version information isn't available on the TAC site under release
notes, TAC sites don't appear to have any better access to driver
* Failure to duplicate MCOUT manual functionality is a huge issue
* Failure to match the AB30 options for bit ordering results in huge numbers
of extra blocks to wrap fairly simple I/O blocks
* Type conversion not available - IIN vs PAKIN

I've got 40+ AB30s left to migrate - Foxboro could REALLY have made this job
more straightforward...



I agree, the EthernetIP driver for CLX is the best of the bunch, although
it's speed/bandwidth is very disappointing.
On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 11:39 PM, Johnson, David <
David.Johnson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hahahahahahahaha that's the sound the FDSI development team made when asked
> if they had actually looked at what the AB Integrator 30s did.  We've been
> down this road more than once and the answer is ugly work around after ugly
> work around.  When someone has enough time and money we have rebuilt whole
> sections (displays, icc connections, etc.) to use the new FDSIs effectively.
>  And good luck if you had intentionally place a MCOUT in manual and used it
> as a mailbox to the PLC, that's going to be a re-write.
> We get to do a lot of these as retrofits, and people did the most amazing
> things with the Integrator 30's quirks.  They would double read registers as
> MCINs and AINS, or read and write the same address, often in different
> compounds.  Now maybe they shouldn't have done any of that, but they did,
> and the new FDSI won't, so it's always an adventure.
> I can't believe that the bit ordering, or being able to read the I:XXX and
> O:XXX registers as packed bits is too difficult to do.  It's either
> laziness, or sloppiness on the part of the development team.  I do like
> being able to use Ethernet/IP to the CLX though.
> Come on Invensys, tighten up.
> Regards,
> David

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