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Check out Help Hint 330.  Substitute FBM206 for FBM6 and all should be OK.

But I never did check this on the FBM206.

Terry Doucet, Eng.

la part de Weiss, Andreas
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Objet : [foxboro] FBM206 and Pulse Accumulation/Totalization 

Hi List,

how is it possible to realize a pulse input counter using I/A series
system hardware?

Which hardware?

I've read the B0400FA_G.pdf and it explains that the FBM206 has a Pulse
Rate Input Totalization.

FBM206 - Channel Isolated Pulse Input Interface Module
FBM206 (Foxboro part number P0916CQ) contains eight isolated
configurable pulse input
channels, each accepting a pulse input with a maximum rate of 25 kHz.
... the module executes the Pulse Input application program. 
The configurable options for this program are Pulse Rate Input
Totalization and Resolution, and Meter Scaling Factor.

The word Totalization lead me to the assumption that it should be
possible to accumulate a number of pulse.

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