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Update on these processors, anecdotal info, for what it's worth ...

We recently have had some problems with the T-3500 motherboard failures.
Of 3 brand new machines last month, one motherboard failed.

On the other side of the house folks dealing with "Brand Y" indicate that
they, too, are seeing above average motherboard failures on this same 

True, failure in 'ndis.sys' sounds like network, but don't forget to look 
at the motherboard.

When troubleshooting remember that in the MESH P92 the slot location and 
Ethernet address is each MESH network card is critical to the system.  As
I understand it, if a card is replaced or moved, either an edit to the 
registry of a reinstall of IA is required to make the system run.

William C Ricker

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Hey william
Its a P92 Dell 3500, it has IA 8.5, its the host of the system, and hosts
AIM historian.

Its the original box.


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You didn't recently change machines, did you ?
Also, what version is it ?  what Hardware ?


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Hello list
Yep, your eyes didnt deceive you, neither did mine...

Blue Screen

STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005,0xB7D2591B,0x9B217C94,0x9B217990)

NDIS.sys   - Address B7D2591B base at B7D25000, Datestamp 48025d03

Normally, these type of erros are hardware related. So I'm gonna open de box
give it some love in case something is lose... I read something about virus 
messing with the NDIS.sys file.

Does anything like this happened to you? Did you found a solution? Dont you

Please dont tell me this involves the NIC's

Thanx for any clue you can provide



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