Re: [foxboro] AIM*OPC SERVER Problem on AW70 (version 7.1)

  • From: Corey R Clingo <corey.clingo@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: foxboro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 10:49:55 -0500

We aren't using AIM*OPC, but I have a similar issue with the OPC I/O Gate. 
 Foxboro just coded a 2-munite wait on startup, but I wanted something 
better (I was rebooting it a lot initialy).  I use a CMD file and a ksh 
script (below) to do omgets of IDLETM on the virtual CP in the AW.  When I 
am able to get that parameter successfuly, I start up the IOGate software. 
 I also start up the target OPC servers prior to the IOGate startup since 
I have had better luck doing that.

You might be able to do something similar, delaying the AIM*OPC startup 
until you can get parameters on another CP on the mesh, either via omgets 
or some sort of AIM*API call.

CMD file
@echo off
color 0E
:: Start HIMA OPC server.  The IO Gate will start it, but it seems to have 
:: problems if it is already running when the IO Gate cranks up.  Note it 
will give
:: an error you can safely dismiss if you run this cmd file when the 
server is 
:: already running.
:: Rockwell RSLinx should already be running; it starts as a service.
cd \progra~1\hima\opcserver3.x\bin
start himaopcs.exe
:: Start the IO Gate
cd \usr\fox
@d:\nutc\bin\ncenv.cmd & %SHELL% -c "d:/opt/local/bin/iogate_start.ksh"

# OPC IO Gate startup script
# Start up OPC IO Gate when virtual CP is up.  More elegant than Foxboro's 
2-minute wait,
# which gets to be a pain if you are rebooting a lot.

while ! /opt/fox/bin/tools/omget "${me}_STA:STATION.IDLETM" > /dev/null; 
   echo 'Virtual CP not up yet...waiting'
  sleep 10

sleep 10
startp 'd:\opt\diw\iogates\opc\bin\OPCIOGate.exe'

Corey Clingo
BASF Corporation

Kashif Ijaz <kashifijaz93@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
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05/17/2008 08:00 AM
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Re: [foxboro] AIM*OPC SERVER Problem on AW70 (version 7.1)

We have AW70 (XP SP1) installed on Nodebus just as OPC server. We are 
having trouble with PI clients. We have to restart the AIM*OPC server. It 
starts immediately when the Foxboro I/A launches.
Is there a method to delay this service for some time.
Kashif Ijaz
INTECH Process Automation.

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