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Update on AAtab: not only did the file that was created by our script have 
spaces instead of tabs, it was also in Unicode format, which AAserver 
apparently does not like at all. In addition, the file created by the script 
had numerous comments in it, which also appears to be a problem. I think part 
of that problem was the extra tabs in the comments, but I'm not sure. I was 
kind of in a hurry to get this working and didn't set up a design of 
experiments to figure out what the real root cause was. In any event, I removed 
all of these, saved it as Windows tab-delimited text, and AAserver was happy.

I'd still like to obtain a script or scripts that generates a no duplicates, 
Windows tab-delimited text file with no comments that works without any further 
massaging. If anybody has such a thing they are willing to share, please 
contact me off-line.


Tim Lowell
Tesoro Corporation | 54741 Tesoro Rd, Kenai, AK 99611 | 907-776-3526 (work) | 
210-439-5914 (cell)

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Oh great list,
Does anyone have a WindowsXP based AAtab file generating script (or collection 
of scripts) that is proven to work?

I know that the usual process is to extract the blocks on the displays using 
dedit -R, then compare that to the AApan file and to any blocks that might have 
alarms, and then once you get the list of all alarm blocks on all displays, you 
have to comb through and remove duplicates.

One of our sites had a collection of scripts for this purpose, and I was able 
to generate an AAtab file that looked pretty good. It had no duplicates and 
looked like it was the right format. One problem: when you boot up using this 
file, AAserver.exe hangs and FoxView never starts. At first, it looked like the 
use of spaces instead of tabs was causing the problem, but I removed the spaces 
and inserted tabs, and that didn't help. After fighting with it all afternoon, 
I'm appealing to the list to see if they know of a better solution that is at 
least mostly reliable.

Please contact me off-line if you have anything or if you know of an 
Invensys-based solution that one of their engineers uses.


Tim Lowell
Tesoro Corporation | 54741 Tesoro Rd, Kenai, AK 99611 | 907-776-3526 (work) | 
210-439-5914 (cell)

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