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Since this is Soapbox Day on the list server, move over David. My turn.

We are in the design part of the process of installing a lot of new
ZCP270/200 series hardware here on BFN Unit 1, FAT (hopefully) spring
2005.  The target I/A version is 8.0.  During initial discussions with
Foxboro I really pushed for a Sun/Unix AW on this system.  To make a
long story short, 8.0 will not support the 50 series boxes.  So, like it
or not (NOT!), I'm going to be the proud owner of an AW70.  The WP70s I
mind much less, because we don't use the CRTs as our primary operator
interface.  I really think we aren't far from a Windows Only I/A future.

The "I don't like Windows" viewpoint has been expressed at the Users
Groups meetings before, but we should be sure to do it this year also
(Remember the Alamo!). =20

I realize that the preceding mini-diatribe added nothing useful what so
ever to the world, but I feel better.

Gaylon Hicks=20

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I have been very quiet on the Foxboro bashing for a very long time.  But
cannot let some of the recent threads go without weighing in.

There are problems that are inherent to windows, and there are problems=20
that are due to poor implementation, or obsolete third party products.
have heard Foxboro salespeople try to justify these as problems due to
frequency of product updates for windows, or the amount of testing
for each service pack etc. Where was Windows 2000? Not on I/A.  I have
had a salesman tell me that all these problems would be solved if we
people who did not ask for the windows product to begin with) were
to pay more (remember Windows =3D lower cost of ownership) so that they
people selling the product) could do adequate testing to keep products
licenses up to date. That's crazy.

If Foxboro wants me to make the move to windows (without screaming about

it), they must at least base load a version, like XP, with the current
tested third party tools.  Security has to be a priority, not an=20
afterthought.  No longer should we accept products that are not up to
or even supported on the OS that is being shipped coming from Foxboro.
toolkit was not up to date.  Exceed was not up to date. Installing other

applications (and that's why we are demanding windows right?) can have=20
disastrous DLL and/or registry conflicts.  Some of these issues may be=20
fixed in the newest release, I don't know.  I do know Foxboro,
Rockwell Automation (kind of), Yokogawa and Emerson are all advising=20
against installing XP SP2 until further notice. So it appears that
is not alone with these issues. Of course, some of these problems occur
Solaris too, but the operating system releases are less frequent, third=20
party applications are fewer, and virus risks are fewer (but still

If I'm going to commit to a windows based future, The vendors need to=20
commit to a high quality, robust system that has components that have
tested together.

David Johnson

"Quote me as saying I was misquoted."
Groucho Marx=20

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