[foxboro] Sharing .ksh script for FoxView display & overlay screenshots

  • From: "Neufeld, Brahm" <Brahm.Neufeld@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "foxboro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <foxboro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 08:24:11 -0600

I cobbled this script together based on a few old list posts (mainly

- Jumps through directories recursively

- Saves all screenshots to a common directory with path as filename
(eg. -opt-display-processcell1-graphic.fdf.png)

- Swaps between c and d drives, since hypersnap comes installed on c
on newer boxes.

- Uncomment noted lines to capture overlays

- One thing to improve; could specify dimensions to capture just the
HMI graphic and not the whole FoxView window.

- You need to build a blank display (BLANDSCRN.fdf)

- To run, call script, then click on the FoxView to "focus" on the DM
you substitute into the script, this ensures Hypersnap grabs the active window

- Tested on FoxView 10.4.2, I/A 9.1.576

# replace SPR3SR with current DM of whatever machine is generating screenshots.
# for sub directories
# for DISP in `ls -1 -R /opt/control/**/*.fdf`
# for single directories
for DISP in `ls -1 -R /opt/control/*.fdf`
cd d:
pref -SPR3SR dmcmd /opt/disp/BLANKSCRN.fdf
sleep 2
echo $DISP
# uncomment if capturing displays
pref -SPR3SR dmcmd $DISP
# uncomment if capturing overlays
# pref -SPR3SR dmcmd "dmcmd ov $DISP -l MIDDLE -move"
# time to ensure all graphic elements load
sleep 10
cd 'C:/Program Files (x86)/HyperSnap 6'
echo $PWD
# build filename that includes path
FILE=$(echo $DISP | sed 's/\//-/g')
echo $FILE
echo $SAV
HprSnap6 -snap:awin -save:png $SAV
# uncomment if capturing overlays
# pref -SPR3SR dmcmd close


Brahm Neufeld

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