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Hi list,

Patrick, thanks for the flowers. 

You wrote about the IAConnect OPC server:
>It directly addresses the low-level Object Manager [,,,]

That's correct but it's important to understand it uses legal calls
and no "back doors" or undocumented stuff. 

It's just an OPC Server based on I/A series OM calls with native 
SSC support, independent of FoxAPI or AIMAPI installations and 
runs on all Windows based IA machines (NT, XP or Server 2003, 
latest OM quickfixes required). The IAConnect OPC server works 
withy dynamic OM lists and handles them properly and efficiently 
for write and read access to the IA series variables (connectable 
or non connectable).

If anyone is interested I'd be glad to redirect your questions, requests 
or issues to the appropriate person in our german organization.

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Marcel Sieling
Senior Application Consultant
Invensys Systems GmbH
Emanuel-Leutze-Str. 11 
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We use Supervisory Setpoint Sontrol with the IAconnect OPC server (Invensys
Germany software). The IAconnect OPC is specifically designed to handle the
SSC mechanism and does this without any problems (1 applic, for 1 year, zero
problems). It directly addresses the low-level Object Manager and therefore
does not require AIM* and performance is FAST!

Using AIM*OPC is possible but is much more complex to setup. We decided not
to go that route as we've heard IAconnect was very simple to implement.
(which proved to be absolutly true).

The standard FoxDoc includes the SSC documentation which describes the SSC
mechanism (don't have access to that here, so don't know the exact doc.
The IAconnect manual describes how to implement the IAconnect.
I had this running on a AW70 integrator V7.1 for test and used some
home-made visual basic programs to read/write IA blocks, including SSC

Highly recommended!

Kind regards,
Patrick Martens
Total Raff. Ned. NV.

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Namens Andriny Bt Rusman (R&T/PETH)
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I have a question on the Supervisory Control. I'm using Foxboro v7.1.1 &
wants to implement advanced controls which will require an external
controller to write to the existing PIDE controllers.  I know you can
set the SUPOPT = 1 and this enables writing SPT from external (in this
case, via OPC), but I heard this way is fraught with problems.

Can someone confirm this?
Best regards,
Andriny Rusman
Advanced Process Control Engineer,
email: andriny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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