[foxboro] IACC Client/Server installation

  • From: "Lowell, Timothy" <TLowell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <foxboro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 15:57:51 -0500

I know that there aren't many IACC users out there, but we ran into a
little issue that is likely to occur at any site that uses IACC in a
Client/Server architecture using the second Ethernet port, and I need to
verify what appears to be a simple solution.

During the installation of IACC on a client PC, the user is prompted to
enter a hostname or IP address that identifies the IACC server PC.  If
you are using the MESH network to do your client/server communications,
this is pretty straightforward, since the IP addresses are set by SysDef
and rarely change, except for some sort of major network consolidation
or upgrade that might happen every few years.  However, if you are using
the second Ethernet port for the client/server communications, things
are a little different.  


Now, we all know that if there is one thing that corporate IT groups are
really good at, it is changing IP addresses for no apparent reason on
the networks they control.  That has occurred here with our business
network.  In IACC, there is no menu option to change the server IP
address once the installation has been completed (obviously, if you type
in a hostname during installation and your business network has DNS set
up properly, this isn't an issue, but that is not the case here.) 


We have been instructed that the only way to correct this is to
uninstall IACC and re-install it, typing in the new IP address of the
server during the install process.  I did some digging, and from what I
can tell, the only place in the client PC's registry that refers to the
IACC server IP address at all is a Windows environment variable called
IACC_DBPATH.  It seems to me that modifying that environment variable
should do the trick.


My questions are then, will this work, and if not, why not?




Tim Lowell

Control Systems Engineer

Tesoro Petroleum Company

210-283-2929 (w)

210-253-0225 (c)



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