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It's on my schedule!
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          Hi  Everyone_

I would like to call a special FOLKS meeting at  9:00am Wednesday,January 
25th at Little Chute. I  just found out that although I have the current 
application for the 501c3  which I picked up at the IRS office, the fees were 
raised November 2010,  over a year ago. It is now $400. My plan is to mail in 
the form by January  31st. 
According to the Bylaws, a special meeting can be  called with 5 days 
notice and posting at the two libraries. I will post and  Beth can add to the 
website. Bylaws state proxy voting is not  allowed.
The meeting will last 5 minutes. It is just a vote  to authorize $400 to be 
sent to the IRS for our 501c3. Our last vote was for  $300.
So if you can make it, please come. I would  appreciate if you would let me 
know either way.
Thanks so much.


Beth Carpenter, Director

Kimberly-Little Chute Public Library

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