[fogri] 31th IAGI Annual Convention

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Indonesia basically is an archipelago environment. The development 
sustainability in the region especially in eastern Indonesia is determined by 
its capability to add value to the current potential resources in the 
archipelago context.
With regard to this, geo-science and technology play important role in 
developing these archipelago resources. These scientific and technical 
approaches have been of particular interest of many scholars, engineers, 
planners, and policy-makers. As part of its professionalism responsibility, 
IAGI will bring all together these people to address several key issues 
regarding the above mentioned topics.
The objective of the convention is to provide opportunity among the 
participants to share ideas and experiences in geological science and its 
current technology development. More important, certain topics on geological 
prospective in East Indonesia will be discussed in specific portion. It is 
expected that overall activity will yield significant output that can support 
local and regional development initiatives.
Therefore, the committee invites any technical and scientific papers presenting 
various topics in the field of geology, mineral, geo-science with regard to 
natural hazard related to Indonesian condition. 
Programs :

National workshop series on earth resources management in the era of Regional 
Autonomy in Pekan Baru, Jakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Makasar, and Jayapura.

Special course 
Integrating Earth Resources in Regional Planning. It is specifically designed 
for provincial officers in East Indonesia.
Technical program
Paper presentation and poster session.
Field Trips:
Geology of Bromo Vulcano
Petroleum Geology of East Java Basin
Recent Carbonate in Madura Strait
Exploration of Porphyry Gold Copper in Tumpang Pitu-Banyuwangi
Batu Hijau Newmont Goldmine, Nusa Tenggara
Short courses
Various topics of short courses will be held prior to convention.
Priority will be given to interested party who wants to present its business 
related to geological science and technology development. This will include 
petroleum and geological mining company, universities, and professionals.
Social Programs
Dinner with local cuisine, art performance, golf tournament, visiting leather 
craft and embroidery center.
More details, contact us:
Laboratorium Sucofindo
Jl. A. Yani 315, Surabaya, Indonesia
Ph.: 62-31-847 0547-50
Facs.: 62-31-847 0563
Email: panpit31@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Geologi & Sumberdaya Mineral Building, 4th Floors
Jl. Prof. Soepomo, No.10
Phone/Facs : (62-21) 8370-2848 / 7725
email : iagisek@xxxxxxxxxx

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