[floss-cec] Re: [fsug-kochi-discuss] Install and run Ubuntu without disturbing Windows

  • From: "Amal Krishnan" <alterk0de@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 18:34:26 +0530

quote:"Who needs freedom inside a jail? "

lawl...Get a life kid  :-) . Tell me how you have been exercising your
"freedom" other than
talking about it.

quote:"you dont understand the main point with FLOSS. We are not
finding a way to promote windows or something. We are trying to trash
it. So we dont want a method to use both. You must first of all make
your favourite OS GNU/Linux, then you will understand. :-)"

It goes a little like this. You've been eating pan cakes all your life
. Suddenly a new item comes up called "Poopie Pie". "Poopie Pie" is
good, but you don't know it. Would you go  for "Poopie Pie" ?. So,
giving a free sample of "Poopie Pie" with a pan cake is a good idea !

It says you want an Apple MacBook Pro ! ... cough* did you say freedom ?...

On 1/21/07, Binulal Narayanan <binulal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You have read "Free as in Freedom", haven't ya?
- Binoo :p

On 1/21/07, Shiv Shankar <sshankarp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thankx binu... These mad free thinkers dont think !!!

The more "why"s I ask about my self, the more mysterious it becomes.

Binulal N
Pune, India

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