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On Sat, 2006-08-05 at 09:17 +0530, Githin Alapatt wrote:

Any package is not a problem. I love apt-get!!!

Sure, anyone would. It *is* a great tool!

Do you have any idea about how we can organize the inauguration. like
some symbolic thing which shows the freedom. My friends told me things
like releasing balloons and pigeons. What do you suggest?

That is a good idea. I would prefer balloons. Let us leave the birds alone!

Everything will be just ready. I will be also needing your profile/CV
so that we can introduce you and for the documentation. Please mail it
to me soon.

I appreciate your enthusiasm. I give below a brief profile:

I did my MSc in Physics from CUSAT, MTech in Physical Engineering from
IISc and PhD again from CUSAT. I am working in atmospheric sciences,
right now on rain drop size distribution and cloud physics. I am
involved with the Free Software Foundation of India and SPACE. I used to
be involved in running the popular science magazine called Science

If you want to know anything more, please write to me.

V. Sasi Kumar <sasi.fsf@xxxxxxxxx>
Free Software Foundation of India

Cheers :-)
Free as in Freedom
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College of Engineering Chengannur

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