[floss-cec] The SFD celebrations at schools,

  • From: "Githin Alapatt" <githin@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 07:00:15 +0530

Githin F Alapatt
Student Coordinator

The Principal

22 September 2006

Respected Sir,
Sub: Permission to conduct GNU/Linux training at schools.

The FLOSS cell is interested in conducting a one-day students and
staff training program on GNU/Linux. We met the Principals of two
Government Schools at the Althara Junction, Chengannur and they are
very enthusiastic about it. They have agreed to conduct the program on
28th September 2006. They have GNU/Linux in their syllabus and are not
in a situation to install GNU/Linux OS by themselves.

The Kerala Government is trying all they can to popularize GNU/Linux.
They even celebrated the Software Freedom Day 2006. So, as a part of
the Software Freedom Day celebrations at Chengannur, the FLOSS cell
would like to take 15-20 students to the schools and conduct a one day
training session. Further, we would help them in future if any need
arises. We would also be requiring two LCD projectors for the event.

So considering this as a community service program, I humbly request
you to grant us permission for the same.

Yours Obediently

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