[floss-cec] Software Freedom Day celebrations.

  • From: "Githin Alapatt" <githin@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 07:25:59 +0530


We have got permissions from two govt. schools in chengannur to
conduct a one day session on free software at thier school. The day is
fixed at 27th of sept and about 20 of us will go there and interact
with the staff and students. Those of you who are really interested in
working this out may contact me.

WE were supposed to conduct this thing on 16th sept- the official
software day, But we could not make it. Anyway what matters is if the
job is done or not.

I need someone to take over lots of duties from me. Interested???

We will be getting letters from school thanking us for the help and
blah blah....

Cheers :-)
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