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Githin F Alapatt
Student Coordinator
FLOSS Cell, C.E.C.

The Principal

22 September, 2006

Respected Sir,
Sub: Permission to install GNU/Linux.

If you visit the Computer Hardware Maintenance Lab that is now used as
the Internet lab, you can find that most of the computers are infected
with viruses. This virus disables copying and pasting functions when
microsoft windows is running. Many students are wasting precious
bandwidth by running p2p software and downloading songs, movies,
cracked games etc.

The members of the FLOSS cell are interested in installing GNU/Linux
on these machines. Normally, viruses don't infect GNU/Linux systems
and the staff can effectively control the use of p2p software on these
machines. Once installed, students can easily access the Internet and
keep viruses and spy ware out. Most of the well known colleges have
only GNU/Linux machines in their Internet centres.

Hence I would request you to grant me permission with go ahead with
the installation process on September 30th, Saturday. The FLOSS
members would do the installation and the other students who are
interested can watch and study the installation procedure.

Yours Obediently
Githin F Alapatt
Student Coordinator
Cheers :-)
Free as in Freedom
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College of Engineering Chengannur

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