[floss-cec] Installfest over!

  • From: "Githin Alapatt" <githin@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 22:47:51 +0530


The installfest started by 11.20 hrs. One phase line had been burned
out from the incoming connection just before our transformer and we
had to go to the KSEB office and get them repair it. In the mean
Prashanth conducted a small talk on using GNU/Linux. We installed
ubuntu 5.10 on around 15 computers. Disabled "boot in to windoze"
option and made a common user called "tux" and left it. The modem from
BSNL is out of order for the past 3 days. As soon as we get it, we
shall be updating it and configuring the network, doing some tweaks to
make them run faster etc.

Power kept going off and the backup of the UPS was pretty bad and
machines kept rebooting while we were installing. It was around 18:00
hrs when the whole thing got over. Gopakumar, our staff coordinator
stayed all the time. He was really enthusiastic.

Moreover, we will make a small manual "how to begin with GNU/Linux"
and keep a print in the internet lab so that students can use it

There were around 25 students, mainly from the fifth semester. They
learnt to install ubuntu. Hope we can get people to start using this.
Coz the fun starts then.

Lots and lots of thanks to all those who came today. Special thanks to
Gopakumar and VImal (we bugged him many times for help, we did not
have internet also here)

And, we have a new fan of Free Software - sheshu.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that all those who came today join our
mailing list. PP, I give you this job!!

Cheers :-)
Free as in Freedom
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College of Engineering Chengannur

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