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I hope you guys are preparing for the event. I showed you a nice way
of doing things. You must make it a grand event this time. Try to get
a minister of some MLA involved. LDF likes Free software.

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Subject: [SFD-announce] Two week left for ordering extras!
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Greetings to all the teams revving up for a great Software Freedom Day
on September 15! Though it's nine weeks until SFD07, there are TWO WEEKS
left for you all (registered teams) to order extra t-shirts and TOCDs to
be added to your shipment.

You will be receiving:

3 t-shirts for your team
Ubuntu CDs (we are trying to send as many as you requested)
The Open CD (again, we'll send what you ordered up to 25)

You have TWO WEEKS to purchase extra t-shirts and TOCDs that we can
include in your package. You can make the order until July 31 at
http://sfd.zac-ware.com. We may continue to sell t-shirts after that
time, but we cannot assure they will arrive in time.

We will start shipping around the first week of August to insure you
have what you need for your event.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this opportunity to spread
the word about open source/free software!

Software Freedom International

SFD-announce mailing list

Cheers :-)
Free as in Freedom
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College of Engineering Chengannur

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