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Hi Githin,

Nice report. Maybe to take this further and have long lasting impact
what is really needed is that the FLOSS cell have
1 some sort of monthly followup and strong linkages with some champions
from the teaching faculty at those 2 schools.

2 Help build champions/leaders --Also allowing enthusiastic
teachers/students to join or make some local user linux user group
mailing list will really help them to remain connected.

3 I hope somehow the FLOSS cell can think of implementing a EACH ONE
TEACH ONE system where a new learner takes another 2 learners under
him/her and imparts training in whatever he/she has learnt. That makes
the learner learn more thoughly because when one teaches, one has to
study extra hard.

4 I hope the FLOSS cell can give/get some donations of even outdated (by
a few years) technical books to the schools' FLOSS cell. A library of
books is very very helpful. Plus they need to have motivational books
such as Rebel code, Just for fun by linus torvalds, cathedral and the
bazaar,  etc etc just to understand the opensource culture/history.

5 Having a game of exploring some new software on the ubuntu
distribution related to what the school needs --such as library software
or administration software etc etc and giving a talk on what they found
once a month will really help the students.

6 Access to one of the tech magazines--even old issues will help them
stay current.

7 asking and thinking about (setting up feedback mechanisms for
continuous improvement) how to popularise sharing of technology with
students --keeping in touch how others (schools/teachers/enthusiasts(
have done these things (best practices sharing)

8 putting them on such a project --building an open source rapid
dissemination and inculcation enabling web project. setting up a
measurement system per school--how many new people given a demonstration
about open source, %age of people at newbie level, intermediate level
etc etc --statistical monitoring and planning/review.

9 setting up open competitions/quiz/project between schools(or even
within same school) and popularising such events.


Githin Alapatt wrote:

We conducted the Software Freedom day in a good manner. Here is the
report and some photos.


FLOSS Cell College of Engineering Chengannur

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