[floss-cec] FWD: Any IT specialists / HR heads of IT firms / IT students here?

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I am a freelance writer with IT magazine and regularly do their eVoice
column (www.itmagz.com), a monthly opinions-based feature.

My next topic is Does India have good R&D manpower? for which I am asking
the following questions:

Do you think India's facing a shortage of talented manpower for IT R & D?
(Yes/No response)

Why are international firms attracted to India - low operating cost / good
manpower / huge & ready market base for new product launches / other reason?
(Select one or give your own reason)

I look forward to your inputs.

I also welcome inputs from students, especially IT students. Please answer
this question only:

Do you feel you have a brighter future in an Indian R&D centre or a foreign
one? Why? (Answer in one line only please)

I look forward to a good response. Please PM me your replies, clearly
mentioning your name, designation, company, address and telephone number, so
that we can send you a complimentary copy of the magazine.




The more "why"s I ask about my self, the more mysterious it becomes.

Binulal N Achary
Pune, India

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