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To Log in to a Session



To log in to a session, perform the following steps:

  1.      On the login screen, click on the Session icon. Choose the
GNOME Desktop from the list of available desktop environments.

  2.      Enter your username in the Username field on the login
screen, then press Return.

  3.      Enter your password in the Password field on the login
screen, then press Return.

If you want to shut down or restart the system before you log in,
click on the System icon on the login screen.

Log Out / Reboot / Shutdown

To end your session, close all your currently active processes, then
perform one of the following actions:

   *      Click on a Log Out button.

   *      Open the Main Menu, then choose Log Outusername.

   *      Choose System->Log Out.

A dialog is displayed. Select the option that you require, then click OK.

Web Browsing (Firefox)

The powerful and secure Mozilla Firefox web browser is included in Ubuntu.

Firefox features tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, built-in search,
and live bookmarks.

Firefox can be launched by clicking Applications->Internet->Firefox .
Or from the panel or desktop icon.

It supports tabbed browsing, you can open new pages in a new tab
instead of a new window.

To open a new tab press Ctrl+T .

To Mount A Thumb Drive

Just plug it in. An icon will appear on the desktop. Double click to
open in the file manager.

To Unmount A Thumb Drive

Close all windows using the thumb drive.

Right click on the desktop icon and click Unmount.

Save Files

Files can be saved to the desktop or the home folder.

Each user has a home folder at  /home/username

The desktop folder is at /home/username/Desktop


To Work In Console Mode

Press Ctrl+Alt+F1

To return to GUI mode press Ctrl+Alt+F7

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